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Waveguide measurements

Question asked by pholligan on Oct 10, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2006 by dgun

I am looking to make some measurements to determine the resonant characteristics of a large vacuum chamber, and wondered if I could use a E5062 Network Analyzer to achieve this. I have looked at a couple of books which suggest injecting a signal in to the chamber using an antenna, and noticed that the network analyzer can be used for antenna characterisation. My initial ideas were to use a signal generator with an inline VSWR meter and sweep the frequencies of interest to see if any frequencies jumped out at me. Then I wondered if this was effectively what the network analyzer would do in a much better fashion!

The antenna is a telescopic whip antenna with a frequency range 25 - 1100 MHz, and the chambers measurements suggest a resonant frequency towards the lower end of this scale. The chamber is not an ideal rectangular cavity and has lots of different tables and mounts which prevent modelling.

I would really appreciate any advice on the network analyzers suitability, or any alternative methods of making the calculations required.

Many Thanks