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S11 test to bare die SAW device

Question asked by guinness on Aug 26, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2009 by Dr_joel

I was hoping someone would have a bit of advice on this problem i am having,

I am measuring some 1 port SAW devices using an E5061a (S11 test), i calibrate my VNA using a 85032F calibration kit to the end of my agilent 50578 cable.
my SAW devices are mounted on a testing beam and connections are made to the VNA.
My connection set up is 50578 cable to SMA 11878A adapter kit, then connected to an SMA connector on a PCB with silver conductive paste and silver wire to the pads on on my bare die,

So there is a lot of opportunities for reflections to occur between the SAW device and SMA adapter kit, any ideas how I can minimise that?

( i have measured my SAW dies before using pico probes so i can see the negative effects of my set up)
unfortunatly it is not feasible to prefrom calibrated probe testing