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Solid Sample with Performance Probe: 'insertion' required?

Question asked by jaykay on Aug 2, 2008

I am using the Performace Probe (that comes with the Dielectric Probe Kit) with an N5230A PNA Analyser and eCal unit. While measurements for liquids look just fine, I get negative e' and e'' values when I try to measure flat solid samples.

There appears to be a discrepancy between the 'insertion' requirements for the Performance Probe on the spec sheet for the Dielectric Probe Kit (Page 8 on ... 0222EN.pdf ; relevant section attached as .jpg):

MUT assumptions for Performance Probe: "...Solids have a single, smooth, flat surface with gap-free contact at the probe face..." [Implying that the probe is fine for measuring flat solids]
Sample size Requirements: "...Minimum 5 mm insertion and 1 mm around tip of probe..." [Implying that the probe has to somehow be inserted into the flat solid]

Can anyone help me here? I have also posted this message on the Calibration forum, as the answer to my query might well be related to that.