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Antenna Pattern Measurement

Question asked by eddiek2000 on Jan 15, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2009 by jvall
I am looking at measuring a Radar antenna pattern in the field.  The overview is an RF source (8-9Ghz) cw tone, and a std gain horn at the transmit site, 1/4 mile away from the radar.  At the Radar site, there will be the Antenna under test (the radar antenna, AUT), a std gain horn, and a PNA with opt. 014.

I am told this will perform the measurement I want.  I will connect the refernece horn to one channel on the NA, and the AUT on the other channel.  The AUT will be stepped in small increments, paused, and then the NA triggered to record the value.

My question is can someone walk me through the setup on the NA?  What signal level is required on the ref horn?  How do I lock the 2 channels of the NA so they are phased up?