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High Speed Pulsed T/R Module Testing

Question asked by ecrean on May 23, 2008
Latest reply on May 28, 2008 by dgun
I am trying to speed up the PNA in pulsed mode when testing TR Modules.

We have 21 test frequencies, and at each frequency we have to measure 32 Gain and Phase States of the module.

Previously we did a frequency sweep for each module state, and downloaded the S21 pulsed data.  

Since the module switches in usec, ideally we would like to set the PNA to Frequency 1, hardware trigger the PNA for a measurment, and repeat for all module phase and amplitude states.   We would then repeat at other frequencies.

Can this be done?  How is the data collected in the PNA?  Can we accumulate the data for all module states at a particular frequency and then download the data?


Ed C - Symtx