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SMC requires 2 times THRU standard

Question asked by odikia on Jun 21, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2006 by jvall
PNA software A.06.03

requires by SMC on DUT: both connectors :3.5mm(f) calkit 85052D

1.step :powermeter to port 1
2.opne-(f) on port1
4.load-f... on port 2

8.thru female-female between port 1 and port 2
9.thru female-female between port 1 and port 2  :?:

If I compare the achieved S11 or S22 (magnitude and phase) with common (no FCA) measurement the results are not the same.

Why does PNA requires by 8. and 9.steps the same standard or I do something wrong?

But If I perform the SMC with port 1:to DUT 3.5mm-(f);
port 2: to DUT 3.5mm-(m) PNA requieres only 8 steps and result is agree with usual S-measurement.

I’ll appreciate you help.