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Inductance and capacitance measurements of SMD with VNA

Question asked by Amiet on Mar 22, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2010 by Amiet
Hi there, I would like to measure the inductance and capacitance of a surface mount device at microwave frequencies using a VNA, such as the 8510C. I have done some searching and come up with the App note 5989-5935EN, but I don't think it solves my problem, as it seems to assume that the devices have a constant capacitance and inductance across the frequency range of interest, while my devices do not. It should be possible to measure the inductance and capacitance (and resistance) of the device using S11 and S21 measurements in a similar way that we can measure permittivity and permeability of materials using 2 port measurements, however I have been unable to find any references that explain the way to do this. The problem lies in finding a way to separate the imaginary component of impedance into its inductive and capacitive parts.

Any help appreciated...