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pna-x external PSG substitute for internal source

Question asked by rok on Jan 30, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2012 by daras

I'm trying to configure an external PSG source to replace the internal source of the PNA-X, since it's phase noise performance is not good enough for the measurement of interest. I used a diagram at ... x_img3.jpg to serve as a guide. But I can't seem to calibrate it for the spurious measurement. I'm using 'PSG2' to serve as my external source replacement. I've set the path configuration for Port 1 Bypass switch from 'Thru' =>'Combiner Path'. I also turned off the power state for 'Port 1' to 'OFF' and 'psg2' to 'ON'. I've attached my .csa file as reference. During the calibration, nothing is happening on 'PSG2' display screen. So I'm not sure if I'm configuring everything properly. I tried looking in the pna-x help file on attaching external signal sources, but couldn't find a guide for it. Any suggestions would be greatly welcome. Again, I wish to substitute 'PSG2' to replace the Internal source #1, so I want to shut off internal source #1 and instead use 'PSG2'.