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bisecting a measurement (E5071C)

Question asked by dvalen on Jan 26, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2010 by seabrow
on network analyzer E5071C,

when testing two identical connectors connected one against the other, I get the measurement of the cascade; is there a way to process the S-parameter file in order to get the half circuit measurement (and S-parameters), hence having one connector's characterization? This would be very useful since I don't have any other way to test directly the connectors (i.e. specific adaptors having a sufficient precision level). I understand that this works in the assumption of two identical connectors, which is actually the case; I know that from a mathematical point of view the S-parameter matrix should be transformed in a T-matrix, squared, and then back again to the S-parameter matrix.

Any solutions will be very welcome!