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Measuring low impedance using the S21 shunt method

Question asked by CraigK on Jan 25, 2010
Latest reply on May 17, 2010 by ntx_modeler
I know the ENA has a feature that allows impedance measurements with two port S21 approach.  From what I have read it appears that the lowest practical impedance measurement floor would be about 0.5 Ohm with that approach. 

I'm working with a mutual customer who would like to be able to measure down to 10 milliOhm @ 150MHz, 20 milliOhm @ 500MHz, 50 milliOhm @ 1GHz, and 500 milliOhm @ 10GHz.  But so far I think he is out of luck since it appears no instruments measure such low impedance at such frequencies.  But maybe I'm overlooking something.  Let me know what advice you can give me.

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