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PNA-X: NEW! and so totally cool!

Question asked by Dr_joel Employee on Jan 31, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2007 by dgun
Check it out, I think its official (at least I found it on the website).  The PNA-X is that latest and coolest ever.

The model number is N5242A, 10M-26.5GHz, 2 and 4 ports, dual sources, internal combiner for two-tone, integrated pulse generators and pulse modulators, touch screen and softkeys like the 8510. High power (+10 min, +13 typical), super low compression (less than .1 dB at +10, typically .02), super low harmonics (55 dBc at max power), 3 sets of external triggers (1 main, 2 aux, each with trig in/trig out), Dual reflectometers on each port with external links behind the reflectometers.  This is so cool!  And I have two at my bench!