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HP3577B OPT-002

Question asked by WallyGator53 on Jan 25, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2007 by RayH
I have the need to measure low frequency impedance, <10 Hz to at least 100 MHz. Unfortunately, this need is for our own use and is not directly a revenue producer. I am being held to a budget that allows only used, and probably old, equipment. That's OK by me but it means that I am looking at equipment with which I have no direct experience.

I have an opportunity to purchase a HP 3577B with OPT-002; a third receiver input channel. I have found that the 3577B has only a "R" and a "A" input so OPT-002 must add the "B" input. 

My questions:
1. What use can be made of the third input? I have a lot of experience with the 8753 so I am somewhat knowledgeable about VNA's.
2. In order to derive impedance data, I understand that I need to use the 35676A Reflection/Transmission T/S. (I am interested only in 50 ohm so the "A" suffix applies.) Would the T/S require that the 3577B have three channels? I would expect that it would.

Any guidance on this will be greatly appreciated.