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checking if R reference receiver is compressed

Question asked by jbab on Jul 6, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2006 by Dr_joel

how do i check if R reference receiver is compressed or not?  i was able to check A and B by looking at S21 and unratioed A and B by increasing the A and B attenuators.  there is no attenuator for R so what can i do to verify that it's not compressing.  i've the options where i have attenuator for A and B and control attenuators for both ports and couplers for both ports.  i've basically the same pna as shown in the figure below (pna.jpg). 

also, while doing source caliberation i did unguided 2-port SOLT instead of ECal two-port caliberation.  does it have effect on error correction.  thanks