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Agilent Parts 2090-0210 for 8510C 8753D etc

Question asked by advanet on Jan 4, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2007 by advanet
Dear All,

I have offer to buy the above mention parts, it seem to me like a CRT tube for Agilent. I am never in parts dealing before. I would like to post a question here, I am not trying to promote or sell the parts just want to know an answer. Someone is try to sell me this part in a huge quantity, is it worth to buy such parts to sell, is there any resale value in them? I saw on HP website that it support 60 over model but mainly are 8510C and 8753D and 70004A type of display. So I am confused, can it be used in other HP equipment other those mention in agilent website. Can it be use say 8753C or 8753E or ES. Any idea I can find any detail. Sorry if I post it in wrong place