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Power Leveling using a E8257D PSG

Question asked by dilemma on Jan 5, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2007 by dgun
First of all, thank you Ted (Mr. Ayres) if you're reading this, for your email reply earlier and for introducing me to this forum. I appreciate it!

Hi fellas, I'm currently doing a station renewal on a Mixer test station. On the old station, the power leveling involves using 752series Directional couplers (Waveguide) as power splitters, and the 432A power meter recorder output. (using 8340A synthesized sweeper)

I've refer to the E8257D user guide and from the recommended external leveling set up, it requires:
• Agilent 8474E negative detector
• Agilent 87301D directional coupler (Coaxial)

1) My first question is, as there's significant Directivity difference (>40dB for waveguide couplers) and (10-16dB for coaxial couplers), would there be any problem changing from waveguide to coaxial couplers?

2) Is there any known replacements for 752series waveguide couplers?

My situation requires me to supply -20dBm to my DUTs.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Jee Wei, Tan