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E5071B, problems with VBA macros

Question asked by GW on Apr 25, 2006
Latest reply on May 4, 2006 by GW
I recently acquired an E5071B and attempted to use a few VBA macros that I found installed or downloaded from the Agilent web site. Within the first 8 hours of using the analyzer I've encountered two macro crashes:

1. Attempting to use the Impedance Parameter Display VBA I received the following error:

   Run time error '-----' (see attachment 'error #1')
   Missing parameter

2. Attempting to use the Adapter Characterization macro I received the following error for channel 2 after successfully using the macro on channel 1:

  Invalid procedure call or argument (see attachment 'error #2')

This unit appears to have been manufactured in Dec 2005 and has the latest FW build. One other macro tried did work correctly.

I'm beginning to question the wisdom of my purchase since neither of these two types of errors should ever be encountered by a user. Please tell me that I'm doing something wrong as I don't really have the time to send this instrument back and get something else.