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8510B options

Question asked by JFP on Oct 12, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2007 by RayH
I am looking for infos on some of the rear panel connections of the IF part of the 8510B ; I was unable to see anything on the huge documentation on line (I know, my vision is not perfect !)
1. What is the purpose of the LO phase lock out (fitted with the upgrade from A to B) ? Is it only for check/alignment purposes ? Is it in relation with option H15 fitted with this IF  and what is the content of this option ?
2. What is the "event trigger ?
3. What is the option 008 with a BNC pulse out ?
The last but not the least,  is such an IF with H15, event trigger, pulse out able to operate in a "normal way" by connecting only the standard cables sweep, stop sweep, interconnecting and HPIB cables with a 8350B/8340A and a 8514/5 test set ? (I cannot get it operating and would like to know if it is a failure or a compatibily problem. The other parts, display... are tested good with another IF)