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Spectral Purity 8753A vs 8753C

Question asked by Pulse.Analyzer on Feb 17, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2007 by Pulse.Analyzer
Okay - I'm just gonna throw this out as more of an observation than a properly worded question. Your knowledge on the subject is welcome.

- Using 8566A

This is about what I have deemed to be mixer spurs by something I read in the manual. It more or less stated mixer spurs change with amplitude. If what I'm describing is not in the "give a **** range" (i'm looking too close to the fundamental) let me know.
Note: Also all spurs are seen above and below the fundamental on both models.

8753A - tends to be very clean. Has a mixer spur upper and lower side of fundamental about 200 kHz out only at some frequencies. Overall much much cleaner than the 8753C.

8753C - most have what I refer to as 25 and 50kHz offset spurs all the way up to 3 GHz. Then from 1 MHz up there is another spur 800-900 kHz out. Some have a third close spur around 100 kHz from the fundamental.

I read in the manual that these have a Yig(?) at 3.8GHz so I can also find mixer spurs on 1GHz , 2GHz, and 3GHz at the above points and one or two of the following center frequencies with a span of 20 MHz .8 GHz, 1.8 GHz, 2.8 GHz, 3.8 GHz .

Comments? (besides very poor grammar and sentence structure)