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Sweep just 1 Port on E8362B?

Question asked by bwillis88 on Sep 7, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2006 by bwillis88
When I preset my PNA, I see S11mag and it is just sweeping Port 1.   

Then I do a full 2-Port SOLT, and it of course it has to start sweeping both ports.  (Those lights on the bottom center of the PNA front go back and forth.)

How do I go back to just sweeping Port 1 while keeping the cal?  (As in, at some moment I don't care to look at S22/S12, so I don't want to wait for a Port 2 sweep.  Or, maybe I just want to send out a Port 1 CW Time signal, uninterrupted.)

Thanks in advance!