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HP4195A start-up problem

Question asked by 4195user on Nov 29, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2009 by hannut
HI from Belgium,
May I ask some advice from the forum
I have a HP4195A which completely stops to start up:
- switching on it beeps
- at the same time all LED's from measurement unit (bottom) light up an stay on
- Main units LEDs  "ext. REF" and "unlock" light up and stay on
- inside the main unit the A6board and A8 board all red LED's light up and stay on (except DS9 LED on A6 board)

Result: The unit does not boot at all - CRT shows nothing

10Mhz output is ok as measured with Oscilloscope

Any suggestion or advice ?

Ulli from Belgium

P.S.: The unit worked fine until recently and I was very pleased with it... really would like to repair it and get it working again...