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Regarding uninstallation of ADS 2014 version

Question asked by Ani_93 on May 5, 2018

Hi all, I am facing a problem in uninstalling the Advanced Design System version 2014. Whenever I started uninstalling, it did not run properly. So I thought to uninstall it manually with the help of internet forums. I have deleted all the installation files and cleared all registries as per their suggestions. But the file ADS 2014 is still showing in Control panel > Program lists. Now when I went to uninstall it , it keeps showing could not find valid Java virtual machine. So I installed Java( jre-8u171-windows-x64). Now it is showing  Windows error 2. So I could not any solution for the error. I want to install ADS 2017 and Empro 2017 . If this problem did not get solved then I can not install the latest versions. 


Please suggest me what should I do. Your prompt response is highly appreciable. 


I am using windows 10 64 bit. Processor i5 7th generation.