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Set the Differential Impedance inside PNA-X? N5242A

Question asked by canyonbreeze on Oct 29, 2009
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N5242A PNA-X...

We see an interesting phenomena on the PNA-X.   With the display set to show Sdd21, it shows a much higher Insertion Loss than reality.  It seems that it automatically assumes the Differential Impedance is 50+50 =100 ohm.  But in our real application, it’s still 50 ohm.

Because of that Sdd21 is showing a 1.5dB insertion loss at 1.6GHz when in reality it should be 0.28dB. 

Doe anyone know a way to set the Differential Impedance inside the PNA-X to 50 Ohm?   (System impedance is already set to 50 Ohm).