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Can I configure N3301A electronic load to disconnect load when voltage reaches is below X volts?

Question asked by drkirkby on May 3, 2018

I have an N3301A electronic load mainframe. Is there any way from the front panel to disconnect the load if the voltage falls below X volts? I'm looking to discharge some rechargeable batteries, but don't want to completely exhaust them, as it damages them. Is there a way of getting a simple cutoff from the front panel? The manual would suggest there's some pretty extensive triggering facilities, but I can't seem to see the wood from the trees.


I see an example in the programming manual of testing batteries, where the voltage is constantly monitored and if it falls below X volts, the batteries are disconnected. But I'm wondering if I can set this on the front panel, rather than read it and compare it to some constant defined in the code.