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Import Infiniium Waveform into ADS directly

Question asked by Lei_Yue Employee on Apr 28, 2018

This tool could help user to import infiniium waveform into ADS easily, user can plot waveform on DDS directly.

It just takes several seconds.

User wants to do time domain de-embedding in ADS, then use the de-embedded waveform as the source to Rx Serdes Eye-diagram simulation, or compare the results with ADS simulation and Infiniium test, like DDR4 with interposer.


Using steps:

  1. Download the configuration files (dds folder) and reference infiniium waveform file and copy the entire dds folder to ADS ‘HOME’ directory, like C:\Workspace\ADS2017\hpeesof\dds\....
  2. Then open ADS, any old or new created workspace, DataDisplay, you’ll find the tool ‘WFM2DS’ listed on the menu Tools->FrontPanel->InfiniiumWaveform
  3. After converting, a new dataset with given name will appears in the current workspace data folder.
  4. Finally you can plot waveform directly on the DDS.