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Export Array Antenna Pattern Files from EMPro in Batch

Question asked by Lei_Yue Employee on Apr 28, 2018

This Python Scripts is used for exporting the array antenna pattern files from EMPro in batch.

Please copy the attached scripts in the python script editor of your EMPro workspace, when you complete the EM simulation, run this scripts to automatically export the pattern files for all antenna elements.


Note to modify the input parameters before running scripts:

sensorName = '2 Deg FZS'                                    # The name of the far zone sensor
spacing = float(empro.core.Expression("lambda"))            # The spacing between array elements is equal to the wavelength (lambda)
freq = 28000000000                                          # The frequency of exported field



UAN file format:

format free
phi_min 0
phi_max 360
phi_inc 2
theta_min 0
theta_max 180
theta_inc 2
pattern gain
magnitude dB
direction degrees
phase degrees
polarization theta_phi
NetInputPower 0.00212427850912

0 0 -0.928071 -59.321085 147.694 82.1808
0 2 -0.933212 -30.192237 147.6918 -30.484