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AgilentLXIWebservice Error on 34465a DMM

Question asked by Citykid_1 on Apr 25, 2018

We just purchased a brand new 34465a DMM and have been trying to access it via a web browser.    Every time the unit's internal web page begins to display in the PC's browser the 34465a displays the following error message on its LCD display.


"Application AGILENTLXIWEBSERVICE.EXE encountered a serious error and must shut down"


We have tried numerous setting changes in the DMM and have also tried several different PCs with different web browsers.    We always get the same error message on the DMM.     The only way we found to recover the DMM from the error is to power it off and back on.


I have contacted Keysight tech support regarding this issue and have had no reply other than asking for the units serial number and software rev.    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The 34465a is brand new and running software version:  A.02.17 - 02.40 - 02.17 - 00.52 - 04 - 01