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Recovering from a bad calibration

Question asked by cracraft on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on May 8, 2018 by odanzy

I have some colleagues that were using my setup yesterday with some GGB GSGSG probes and a calibration substrate.  They tried and failed to get a decent calibration 3 or 4 times with the 4-port calibration in PLTS that they were attempting.  I suspect that they had a bad measurement or two of one of the standards, but I wasn't watching them like a hawk.  That brings me to two questions.


1.) Is there a way to recover from a bad calibration like that and jump back into the calibration menu without having to start completely from scratch?  Assume I'm using PLTS for the calibration wizard rather than the PNA-X's guided cal.


2.) Is there a way to force the VNA to display in Smith chart format for certain calibration steps?  I like having the through measurements shown in Log-Mag, but I'd prefer to have the short, open, and loads shown in Smith or Polar format.  It's primarily for the shorts since it's difficult to tell whether you have a short or open in Log-Mag format unless you see the phase relation change at just the right time when you are landing the probes.  Generally, my eyes are on the microscope at that point.  So, I don't see the screen.   There may be a hot TDR type function that would be available during the calibration setup step before telling PLTS to take the actual measurement, but I haven't used it if so.



Michael Cracraft