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hp 8753 hpdrive project

Question asked by wb0gaz. on Apr 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2018 by wb0gaz.

I am looking for solution to provide GPIB-attached mass storage (floppy or emulation of floppy) for HP 8753 series network analyzer.


Has anyone successfully used the hpdrive project (URL below) which appears to use a PC (equipped with GPIB port, the project's software) to emulate a GPIB storage device, as a peripheral for HP 8753 series network analyzer (so that instrument state, etc., can be stored on what appears to the analyzer to be a GPIB-attached floppy drive such as HP 9122)?


Before I dig into this, I want to find out if this approach is practical/possible or would be wasted time/effort (hence I'd seek other solution, and be grateful for any recommendations, particularly a solution other than sourcing a used HP 9122.) 


Thanks very much for any insight/pointers,