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Minus values issue in digitizing

Question asked by rcetin on Apr 19, 2018
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We are using Keysight 34465A 6 ½ Digit Multimeter for testing power consumtion of low power sensor. But we got stuck on calibration of device. I saw this e-mail in keysight forum and wanted to consult you about this topic.

Our device’s approximate current consumptions;


  • In sleep mode, 5- 200uA
  • In normal mode, 3-5mA
  • In transmit mode, for low power: 100-120mA, for high power 900-950mA
  • In receive mode, 10-15mA


So I want to analyze power consumption of this device. I used digitizing method with 1ADC dynamic range. In results, i got so many minus values up to -500 uA. So, how can i compansate these values. I will send 1 screenshoot as a attachment. Can you help us about calibration ?


Best regards.


Ramazan Çetin

GOHM Electronics