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Transferring File from Instr Memory to PC and vice versa

Question asked by sandhiya on Apr 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 22, 2018 by jcresp
We want to transfer the saved calibration files from the network analyzer(E5080A) to PC memory in ascii format.
We used the below command from LabVIEW to save the calibration to a user-defined file name.  We thought the file will be saved with extension *.cal or *.csa. But we found the file with extension *.pcs in program data folder (C:\ProgramData\Keysight\Network Analyzer\UserCalSets\Mycal.pcs)
Then, we used :MMEM:TRAN? "Mycal.pcs"; command to fetch the calibration file data. But the instrument returns error "Query uninterrupted". We even tried with different file extensions(pcs, cal, csa) in the query command. Still the same error. Sometimes, we get 'File not found "D:\Mycal.pcs"'. It seems by default, the analyzer is searching for the given filename in D:\ drive.
Is there anyway to programmatically transfer the cal file from instrument memory to PC memory? ":MMEM:TRAN?" command simply fetches the content of the calibration file with some header length.
Also, do we have any command to transfer the file from PC memory to instrument memory?