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What internal tests/cals should i perform on an 8753E?

Question asked by susceptance on Apr 9, 2018
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I recently purchased an old 8753E and would like to recalibrate and test the unit as much as possible/reasonable.

Can anybody tell me what calibrations and tests listed in the service guide are recommended and SAFE to do?

Or shouldn't i touch the device at all to not worthen things?

I only got an 3 GHz spectrum analyzer, so tests that require an external power meter etc. are not possible for me.




If I'm right, the following calibrations/tests, listed in chapter 3 of the 8753E service guide, should be safe to perform?

(Added my comments in bold letters)


Source Default Correction Constants (Test 44)
Source Pretune Default Correction Constants (Test 45)
Analog Bus Correction Constants (Test 46)
Source Pretune Correction Constants (Test 48)
RF Output Power Correction Constants (Test 47) (NOT POSSIBLE, EQUIPMENT REQUIRED)
IF Amplifier Correction Constants (Test 61) (ANY CABLE OK?)
ADC Offset Correction Constants (Test 52)
Sampler Magnitude and Phase Correction Constants (Test 53)  (NOT POSSIBLE, EQUIPMENT REQUIRED)
Cavity Oscillator Frequency Correction Constants (Test 54)  (NOT POSSIBLE, EQUIPMENT REQUIRED)
Fractional-N Frequency Range Adjustments (3-45)
Frequency Accuracy Adjustment (348) (CALIBRATING 6 GHz ÄUNIT AT ONLY 3 GHZ SUFFICIENT?)
High/Low Band Transition Adjustment (3-52)
Fractional-N Spur Avoidance and FM Sideband Adjustment (3-54) (NOT POSSIBLE, EQUIPMENT REQUIRED)
Source Spur Avoidance Tracking Adjustment (3-58)