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E5063A Screen dump

Question asked by tony.heaton on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by tony.heaton

Hi, I am using the E5063A and require to save VSWR plots as a graphic file to attach to reports.  At the moment, I am currently printing it out and attaching to the report that is sent with product.  I would like to have electronic copy for future reference either as a png file or a bmp file.  I cannot see a way of doing this from the Front Panel, is this possible  without resorting to attaching it to a PC and running VBA etc ?  Thanks in advance


Edit - Sorry - was being stupid - I can do a screen dump to file but what I am after is a screen without the Softkey menu on the right side.  I have tried using Softkey Off and using drop down menu from top of screen but this leaves a "5 System" notice at the top of the saved display.