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4395A Network Analysis problem/possible grounding issue

Question asked by Vanguardw on Jun 30, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2009 by dgun
Hey guys, I am trying to analysis a pretty basic circuit, a schematic of which is attached to this post. Using 1kOhm resistors and 40nF capacitors, the ideal cutoff frequency for the network should be 2kHz, the problem i get is that when using a dynamic spectrum analyzer, the 35670A specifically, the spectrum resembles the theoretical transfer function. But when I analyze the network on the 4395A, i get a cutoff of 68kHz , and an average gain of -14dB where the gain should be more around -6dB.  I was wondering if anyone else has experience similar problems, possibly having root in an internal grounding issue, and if so what was your solution. Or more broadly, does anyone have a suggestion for troubleshooting the issue?

Thanks so much for your time.