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Is there a way to automate Keysight Momentum EM Simulation?

Question asked by OoiKS Employee on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by Toby

Hi Keysight ADS Experts,


I am new to Keysight ADS 2017 and I am working on an academic project to train an ANN to model crosstalk on microstrips. In order to establish my training database, I need to run a huge number of simulation by changing a microstrip parameter each time and then repeat the same routine. Due to the large number of parameters such as the trace width, trace thickness, trace spacing,trace length substrate height and the substrate type, I have a huge dataset to cover and it is close to impossible to do it manually.


Is there any guide or instructions that can guide me to automate the following routine in ADS:


Schematic 1 (First Section, refer to MicrostripCoupledLine schematic)


1. Edit the schematics with the MCLIN (parallel microstrip) component by changing the parameter (trace width, trace spacing and trace length).

2. Generate/Update the layout based on the schematic above.

3. Setup the EM Model by selecting the right substrate, setting the substrate height and the trace width and run the adaptive EM simulation.

4. Store the dataset into .s4p, Re/Im format file with a structured name (Data1.s4p, Data2.s4p.... Data400.s4p) and record the simulation start time and end time in an excel file.


Schematic 2 (Second Section, refer to uStripParam schematic)


1. Read the .s4p file (Data1.s4p, Data2.s4p.... Data400.s4p) generated earlier.

2. Run a transient simulation.

3. Capture the total simulation time, maximum voltage level of NEXT and FEXT and the time and store these value into an excel file.

4. Store the data set into .mdf, Re/Im format with a structured name (ANNXTalk1.mdf, ANNXTalk2.mdf... ANNXTalk400.mdf).


I am currently doing it using the manual way by changing the parameter of the microstrip and running the steps above. I am looking at around 3k to 10k data points that needs to be collected manually.


I have attached the project workspace that I am using right now and an excel file "MicrostripDimension.xlsx" that I am storing the data manually. The data that I have recorded so far is visible in the worksheet ANN Model Data. I have removed the .s4p that I stored due to file size issue.


Thanks and best regards,

Ooi KS