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N9918A - How to save/read full 2-port S-parameters

Question asked by jpwendler on Apr 6, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by jpwendler

Configuration: N9918A, SN SG56077075, Firmware A.09.53

I have successfully established TCPIP connection with the Field Fox using Python 3.6.5, PyVisa with the NIVISA backend.  I am able to write commands and read responses.  I have performed a full 2-port cal and am displaying S21 data in log magnitude format.  Ideally, I would like to read all 4 complex S-parameters at once into my PC when the (averaged) measurements are complete.  It is not apparent from the documentation that I can do so... Failing that, I would like to save off each complete set of s-parameters into a .s2p format file on the field fox that I can then transfer after the measurements are complete.


The command that I send is:

vna.write("MMEMORY:STORE:SNP \""+filename+"\"")

Error 23 flashes briefly up on the Field Fox screen; it is something along the lines of "data not written - check path"


Executing this seems to display that the command string is correct.

print("MMEMORY:STORE:SNP \""+filename+"\"") will give the following string:

MMEMORY:STORE:SNP "DOOHICKEY_SN_8_F180000_2018_04_06_15_31_07.S2P"


Executing this: vna.write("MMEM:CDIR \"[INTERNAL]:\"") does not excite any error messages but I still get the error 23.