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Specification for Eye Mask Creation

Question asked by aguntuk on Mar 31, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2018 by bafisher

I want to create an eye mask which I can apply at the Rx eye diagram up to which I can quantify the quality of my signal at the Rx. Now my question is what are the specifications to determine eye mask which is standard. I am creating SERDES channel with different channel parameters. Now at the Rx by looking at the ripples of the voltages, I can say which is good or bad. But that is not enough for the documentation of my thesis conclusion. I have to quantify with a quality. I can create an eye mask with a defined parameter, which I can say keep out of zone area. Now I am not asking now how to make the file. I am asking based on what I will specify an standard eye which I can apply and say that if it crosses this eye mask the signal integrity is not good at the Rx. Can anyone help me? I know the mask region is defined as follows:

Top region: The maximum expected value .Voltages exceeding this value will fail.
Middle Region: The size and shape of the eye diagram as defined by the interface standard for the high speed digital signal.
Bottom Region: The minimum expected value.Voltages below this value will fail


Now i am confused how to specify those regions based on what?


Your help will be highly appreciated.