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Retrieve waveform/trace out of M8190A

Question asked by wobbert on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by thysell

Hi folks,


Is there a way to retrieve the data of a waveform/trace out of the M8190A? I am wondering in which way the Soft Front Panel synthesizes some multi-tone frequencies. I communicate with the M8190A over the PCI Express bus via MATLAB interface (VISA). I tried the use the 

:TRAC2:DATA? 1,0,48

VISA command (which seemed for me the command I want to use), but it seems to only return an empty character array/string (namely: ''). Note that I am using port 2.


The problem I want to solve is actual deeper. I try to synthesis some obscure frequencies and it is not possible to synthesis these without having a little voltage jump/artifacts between the end and the begin of the sample vector (resulting in harmonic distortion products). However, the multi-tone setup of the Soft Front Panel is perfectly able to synthesyse those frequencies. Therefore I am wondering how the Soft Front Panel does this by hoping to extract the traces out of the M8190A.


Now I am already typing a story over here, another small question: How do the trace values (between 8192 and -8191 or alike) and the ":VOLT2:AMPL" command relate? It seems that when trace value is at it highest state (8192), the output voltage is equal to the amplitude given by the :VOLT2:AMPL command. Is this correct? And how do those bit values (-8191 to 8192) relate to voltage levels? Is the zero volt (0 V) defined? Or is the closest value +LSB/2 and -LSB/2?


Thanks a lot