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Time Sequencing Multiple PDWs into UXGs

Question asked by JE499 on Mar 27, 2018
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I have 30+ emitters at different frequencies and different PRI/PW/agility structures and scan/antenna patterns. I need to sequence them so that each gets emitted to some time pattern. I am creating these signals using MESG software. Which way is the best to create them? Or else are they the same?

* Create one PDW using multiple emitters in MESG software and vary start times accordingly

* Create individual PDWs from MESG and sequence them in UXGs (Not sure how though). There will be 30+ PDWs and start time can be varied when we create them. Is there a way to load PDWs to UXG in some time sequence? How we do that in one UXG and multiple UXG cases?


Could you please give some advice?