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Can PNA-X measure strongly nonlinear devices and effects like paramps, dividers, regenerative circuits, power amps that create unwanted subharmonics, ... ?

Question asked by Wolfgang on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by Dr_joel



I want to measure nonlinear building blocks like varactor dividers, parametric amplifiers and converters, power amps that show unwanted instabilities at some power and load impedances, regenerative mixers and circuits of that sort.


What I understand from the PNA-X literature is that PNA-X uses a polyharmonic distortion approach where all harmonics frequencies are linear combinations of the DUT input frequencies of the form n*f1 +/- m*f2 +/- ...


What I would need is the possibility to handle fractional frequencies of the input, in the form f*p/q where p and q are positive integers. Can you get a PNA-X to do that for you ?


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