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Get a .csv file from a N8973 Noise Analyzer via GPIB and Labview

Question asked by antenna_guy on Mar 19, 2018


Hi Community,


we have here two old N 8973B Noise Analyzer here in our lab.

I want substitute the 3.5 Floppy disk and want the .csv file tranfered with a Labview 14 via GPIB to a Windows 7PC.

I modify this attached programm (see also screeenshout) and playing with the MMMory:Store: Trace function.


What I get a .csv file on the windows PC but, only the frequency and Noise figure is in the file, but no Gain information.

I tried to switch to Trace2 and so... on following the develope guide but without success so far.


If I save the .csv file via the front panel manually to the floppy disk all three information (frequency, Noise and Gain) are in the file


Maybe someone can solve this hopefully.


And also the Labview V programm crashes sometimes, I am not sure if this a timing issue or whre the failure is. If someone has a good advice for me I willl be very welcome.



Thank you