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How to query Measurement Parameter Type?

Question asked by yometric21 on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by yometric21

I am working on some code to control a PNA and i am trying to set up custom measurement types (Gain Compression, Noise Figure) as well as standard S-Param measurements.


I am able to create the custom measurements via CALC<cnum>:CUST:DEF <Mname>,<type>,<param>

For example: CALC1:CUST:DEF 'GainComp1','Gain Compression','CompIn21'


I want to be able to query the list of measurements available in channel 1 and determine what their names & type are.

I know how to get the list of measurements using CALC1:PAR:CAT:EXT? which should return the measurement name and parameter "GainComp1,CompIn21"  but how do i get the type (Gain Compression).  I do not see any queries to return this info in the SCPI command tree.