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Making a Transistor Model from X-Parameters.

Question asked by Luckyer on Mar 13, 2018
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First of all, I have to say that I'm new in asking a question, so maybe this should be in another threat.


Out purpose is to make a transistor model from the X-Parameters obtained using the NVNA N5242A. Using the NVNA software is easy to make a frequency and power sweep, even is possible to sweep the BIAS using a source (in this case the E36312A) and controlling it using the NVNA External Instrument tool (GPIB, SCPI Commands). As a result, a X-Parameters file .x2p is obtained.


The problem is, once in ADS, usign the X2P component, its possible to simulate it to see the S-Parameters obtained for a specific BIAS and frequency, but the power doesnt seem to affect the results. As is shown in the schematic image, in this case the variables VDC_1, VDC_2, which are the BIAS ones, are indicated in the X2P component. The frequency in the S-Param controller, but the signal power, even is in the P_1Tone, and the X-Param file seems to depend on it, doesnt change the obtained results.


¿What could be wrong? ¿Is any component or controlled needed?


Our final objetive is to use this model in any circuit, like if it was a commercial one, so maybe will be useful to know the SCPI for not only sweep the BIAS, but reading its currents and voltages.


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