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VEE question: Detecting click of  close button on vxe program

Question asked by testandmeas on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by testandmeas

Hello All,


May I ask questions about VEE program?


I want detect that user clicks the "close button" of vxe (VEE runtime) program from vxe program iteself.

Is there any function that VEE can detect the clicking of close button of vxe program?


For example, user controlling DC power supply from vxe program.

User sets large voltage from vxe program, and close the program using close button.

Vxe program is shut down immedeatly.

DC power supply continue to output large voltage. It’s dangerous....

So, before shutting down vxe program, I want to send turn OFF command from vxe to DC power supply.


Can vxe program detect that user clicks close button of vxe?

After detecting the click of close button, before shutting down vxe program, I want to send the SCPI commant from vxe to DC power supply.


Do you have any good solution for this problem?