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TRL in 8510-C VNA

Question asked by Asingh_90 on Mar 9, 2018

I have a question regarding the TRL calibration method. 


Just after I finish with calibration standard measurements -(T-R-L and omit isolation), the VNA calculates the calibration coefficients and correction is applied. However, I see some messages as below:


1) Connect the device for forward measurement, I connect device and press continue, it says

2) Connect device for reverse measurement, I connect again and it follows back to 1) and repeats to 2) and so on.


VNA screen looks like frozen, it does change each time I press continue but measurements make no sense. I am attaching some pictures for your reference.


Has anybody seen such messages after 'TRL calibration is switched on' , Please help me on the issue. I need your expert views to understand the issue.


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