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Time Domain Low Pass on 8510C - How to?

Question asked by SatAntGuy on May 11, 2009
Latest reply on May 11, 2009 by Dr_joel
Hi Everybody!

I'm looking for some help.  Referring to a manual on the 8510, I learn that the Time Domain Low Pass can provide the complex impedance of a device under test (DUT) at the reflection points.  The manual says that one can use the "Circuit Modeling Program" supplied with the Time Domain option (described at the end of the Time Domain Section).  I cannot find that discussion - can someone point me to this?  I am somewhat familiar with the time domain operation and can do the simple measurements.

My ultimate problem is the improvement of the match of a standard stripline launcher like an OmniSpectra surface launch jack part number 2066-1401-02 (for those of you that are familar with this problem).  I'm having troubles around 6 GHz and am hopeful of using an 8510C to find the complex impedance and then develop a matching circuit in Ansoft Designer.

I may also get access to a more modern PSA or ESA analyzer - is the measurement significantly easier on those units than on the 8510???

Any thoughts?