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8593A tracking generator damaged?

Question asked by afaiello on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by afaiello

If we connect the RF OUT of our hp 8593A to the INPUT with the tracking generator set to -10dBm, the display shows a line around about -22dBm (see first attached photo). If we then connect the INPUT to the OUTPUT of our 8350B sweep oscillator equipped with the 83599A RF plug-in set to CW 1.45GHz at -10dBm, the 8593A displays a peak at -10dBm at CW (see second attached photo). The 8350B results seem correct and I would expect the display to show -10dBm, so we believe the INPUT side is fully functional.

Shouldn't the tracking generator output be showing -10dBm? I'm pretty sure it use to show -10dBm on the display up until recently when we were doing some measurements using a bias-tee connected to the RF OUT port.

We tried resetting factory defaults, restoring factory cal settings, and deleting saved user information, but this didn't help.


Any thoughts on this? If it is supposed to display whatever the set power level is for the generator, then could it be damaged, and is there a solution to this?