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Benchvue (remote) has measured smaller DC current value than the local mode

Question asked by RajDE on Feb 26, 2018
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I am new to Benchvue and Test flow applications. It would be great if any experienced user could help me with the following issue.



I am using a DMM (34410A) to measure the DC current value from a device under test. When I directly measure it (Local mode), it shows me a different DC current value (larger value, say 3 mA) and when I acquire the measurement value by executing a test flow sequence using Benchvue DMM app, it shows a smaller value( 2.58 mA) for the same input signal. 


This is the screenshot of my Test flow sequence. I have Get Measurement Type (DC current) and Get Measurement Value (DC Current) blocks in my sequence.



Dc current measurement while executing test flow sequence,i.e. in Remote Mode


DC  current measurement when I pressed Local key on DMM


The value measured in Local mode is correct. I don't know why Bench vue sequence measures,shows or acquires smaller measurement value. 


Note: I also have another DMM configured with AC voltage in my test flow sequence. It shows/acquires the correct value.



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