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Replacement for HPIB Coupler 10740 and cards?

Question asked by greif on Apr 7, 2009
I have an older laser  interferometer system that I would like to update somewhat, but need to maintain the file format generated by the HPbasic commands currently used.
A laser is used to produce position data (counts) from the following;

10740A coupler (rack)
10745-60002 HPIB interface (Bus input-output series 2448)
10760-60002 GP Counter series 1736

I think an update to a 5507 Laser Transducer box might work, but I need to know the proper cards to put in it and know if the data formats and hpbasic commands would remain the same. (commands can change, but I need to end up in the same data output format!) I do need to continue to talk to it via HPIB bus.

Any advice gratefully accepted!