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Python GUI for Data Conversion - Converting ADS Dataset to Touchstone File Format in Batch

Question asked by Lei_Yue Employee on Feb 26, 2018


   The user creates a schematic of SP simulation which has a sweep variable. Thus there're several different cases, needing to export all these results to SnP files in touchstone format. One file for each case.

  • Solution

   Use the write_snp() function.

   Note that the user should use batch simulator to do the sweep, because the parameter sweep controller does not support write_snp().

   And the batch simulator should check the option use separate process to create an individual dataset…

  • Requirement

   The user uses DataFileList component to sweep SNP component files. The name of exported SNP files are not so simple with index variable. The customer wants to make a txt file which contains all the export SNP file name. During the simulation process, write_snp() function pick the file name from the txt file in order.

  • Solution

   There’s no existing approach. It might need to develop scripts by AEL or python. The batchNumber (indexes) are essential.

   Workaround: use python scripts to do the postprocessing after S-param batch simulation


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