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"No source was found" Choosing source with search vs clicking from palette causes HB controller to not find source

Question asked by chart Employee on Feb 23, 2018

When "Search all libraries" box is used at the top of the parts window, if the name of a source is typed, then hit enter to select the part, then the part is placed by clicking on the schematic, the HB controller will fail to find the source.  Error message is:


"No source was found.

Place one from the component palette, wire it up, and resimulate (F7)."


If search is used to find part and it is clicked before placing in schematic, HB controller finds the source as expected. If the search is not used and the part is found by browsing to a palatte, the HB controller also finds the source as expected. This works consistently and can be used as a workaround.


This happens for P_1tone, P_ntone and P_nharm.


Found in ADS2017 on Windows 10.